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or The world's top expert on precious metals manipulation took time this week with http to discuss the end game for the gold cartel. In this exclusive interview, Andy Hoffman, who goes by 'Ranting Andy,' covers the state of the current economic system, the future of gold and silver, and why the gold cartel is like a drowning man reaching for his last gasp of air. To put it simply, the gold cartel is in retreat and is losing control, gold investors are literally on the "edge of glory" as the physical demand for precious metals overwhelms the cartel. No one knows this better than Andy, which is why this is a must watch for all. Andy is a good friend and this is not an advertisement, we just honestly love his analysis and think that anyone who wants to get the raw truth about precious metals manipulation needs to be subscribed to his weekly cartel rants. Andy Hoffman is the Director of Marketing for Miles Franklin a bullion company based in Minneapolis, MN. To subscribe to their FREE daily newsletter where you can read Andy's rants, go to