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Gallup: Obama Job Approval 43% - 48% CNBC, the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland University host the Republican candidates. Let's just say that the Republican candidates are even more determined to out crazy each other. Rick Perry goes up in smoke, literally! Newt Gingrich angers "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo! Ron Paul is even more crazier! Michele Bachmann is never shy of making serious gaffes. Herman Cain was asked the "question", and the audience booed. Why is Rick Santorum still in this race? Jon Huntsman tells jokes! And no one laughs at them. Mitt Romney comes out squeaky clean at least for the most part. Once again proving that even though most conservatives are skeptical of this candidate, he proves to be the most effective in debates and is calm under pressure. President Barack Obama is looking forward to taking on Romney! The rest of them, the president pretty much dismisses them! Not saying that any candidate has the potential to defeat President Obama. But given the circumstances of the economy and unemployment, a Republican can beat Obama. These Republican candidates are poorly effective in trying to reach out to moderates, independents and those so-called "Hillary Democrats. Thanks for viewing. Visit my official blogs at or . You can follow me at on Facebook at or Twitter.