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You can buy/download this release over here: Beatport: iTunes: Rub A Duck 006 Relay & Front 1. Farewell Letter 2. Farseer Relay & Front drop their new single on the Rub A Duck imprint, featuring the two titles "Farewell Letter" and "Farseer". Relay & Front, two producers from Finland and Estonia, teamed up in summer 2011 when they were both 19 years of age. Initially meeting regularly online, they eventually started working together after Front successfully enticed Relay into the world of drum 'n' bass. Their style, often described as liquid drum 'n' bass, has a lot in common with material from known acts like Makoto, Camo & Crooked and Netsky. The first title of this new single package, "Farewell Letter", recently appeared on the soon to be released Snow Dance 001 compilation and has everything in it that marks their own sound, with live guitar and piano. The arrangement is elaborate and showcases an exciting combination of driving basslines, slightly mysterious piano programming and a merciless hammering breakbeat. Once the break sets in, the guys fade to a superb guitar lick that could have been played by The Cure; a given that adds that extra bit of atmosphere to the entire song. Perfect for the underground live sets. The second title, "Farseer", focuses a bit more on the harder side of Relay & Front's sound. Once again our Baltic friends took their time to write an attractive arrangement for their synth programming, combined with ...