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The "Giotto Devil Face" is such an awesome discovery! Art restorers who work on the frescoes painted by Renaissance painter Giotto di Bondone in the Basillica of St. Francis in Assisi, Italy have uncovered a hidden secret. Giotto hid the face of the devil himself in a fresco. Read more here: Do you want to be in my video? Awesome! I'd love to have you in it. Watch the video below for details. Leave a comment on YouTube, G+, FB. Twitter, etc. I might mention your comment in my next video! Add Me! GOOGLE PLUS - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - WEBSITE - d'Art Lottery! Win a print of my art! If you leave a comment under my art video on YouTube, G+ or FB you might win a print of my art. My dart will decide who the winner is. BUY MY ART To buy or commission a painting please go to my website. WEBSITE - http DOWNLOAD A COLORING BOOK from my website! Eat Your Cookies!