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Hello You Guys!!! Happy Begining of the Week ~ I ended up recording my favorites whenever I had the opportunity which was basically in the afternoon when I got home. Because I'm still moving It took me several day's, which is why I'm wearing different hairstyles, make up, & nail designs in certain parts of the video. I've been stressing so much this month that my skin made me feel like a teenager again, I broke out everywhere in my face. I'm almost afraid I might have allergies to Kiko. I'll have to wait a little longer to find out for sure I guess. I seriously felt during these recordings like the ladies from the movie "Death Becomes Her" not when they looked pretty & made up, but when they were all broken & I had some really cool things I wanted to share with you guys so here I am bump's & all. I hope You guys enjoy this video, & I will have tutorial's for the nail art design's I had on this video. Have a Happy Week, Bye*** Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to any of the company brands I mention in this video. I will get no monitary compensation for mentioning any of the products used in this video.