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720p for best video and sound quality ^_^ (please read info below!) Song of the Goddess - 'The Eternal Path' ~ composed, arranged, and performed by Erutan ©2011 Shanda Games A few months ago, Shanda Games commissioned me to compose a song for the awesome online game, Dragon Nest SEA, in particular for their Goddess character, Althea. This is the end result! It can currently be heard in the Calderock VIllage area of the game!! :) THE LYRICS - are in a language created especially for the song, in order to give the song a fantasy feel. There is no translation on purpose. We wanted to convey the meaning of the song through the music alone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LYRICS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ontas kritela nosontolis Virtili varetzuli Kiyetu sanela hala'hui Leilian vo'elus virras Vira notu sontiso Wori melivra o Huisas sanaela hala Rekriato me Kaya naiatolus Wirehi kala'us Le'a le'u teras Rekriato me... Honya valelus sonavelis Viri as'ana dore Ashai yekrias solathelas Resha vro huitus viratus (Chorus) Visasarem Vitoris analesa litus Visasarem Kaya noseras sai'us (Chorus) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download (wma for now, will be mp3 soon) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------