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So as I was working on my latest video, I realized how interesting the process is for me. I figured that you guys might get a kick out of watching me put together a video. Here is just a second of what I go through. Videos usually take at least 4-5 hours to do, NOT including rendering. They can take WAY longer but when I have the time, I like to sit down and just commit. As for rending the video? It is like waiting on cookies to bake... that take a few hours. So I have to find things to do... I will watch movies, read a book, write a novel, update my FF actually is what I have been doing. But I also play games online. So sit back, grab your jelly beans, whatever comfort food you have, watch me go through the exhaustion, the tears, the laughter and the triumph of creating an EO video!!!!! PS... I got a bit wild with the TAGS... I began to ramble tag.