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I had a spare couple of hours so took myself to Hexhamshire. Since it was near the battle of Hexham (1464) and very little is known about the battle, I had hoped to find something historic since the detecting site was near a drovers road and ford. What I found wasn't what I expected as I uncovered what looked like an army camp site from the middle of last century. I even found remains of a fire about 10" under current ground level. In less than 3 hours I found 29 coins, 6 of which were silver and a beret badge from the army medical corps. Groovy. The land was uncontaminated apart from a few places so I used the 18" x 15" coil on my Minelab Etrac metal detector. I did take the 11" coil with me but only used the large coil today. On the next dig, I will use my new 8" x 6" coil for the contaminated parts and hopefully pull up a few suprises. This site will get a few more visits....... Check out my other detecting videos in the playlist. Subscribe for more....