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How to use Illustrator in prepress by Markzware. Using Adobe Illustrator for graphic design is quite common. Many of these native .AI files from Illustrator will end up in a prepress department, destined for print. Those are the lucky ones. For many graphic designers and illustrators these days, that is different. The prepress process is largely left up to many designers today. Today we will look at how-to use Illustrator prepress and help give you some insights. Fridays with Mordy: Illustrator and Prepress - FlightCheck on Fridays with Mordy Book mentioned by Mordy with regards to Adobe Illustrator and prepress is, "Real World Print Production with Adobe Creative Suite Applications" by Claudia McCue; Set up color-managed print workflows (Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop CS and later) Image resolution guidelines for final output "Commercial printing Commercial printing requires 150 to 300 ppi (or more) images, depending on the press (dpi) and screen frequency (lpi) you're using; always consult your prepress service provider before making production decisions. Because commercial printing requires large, high-resolution images..." Read full here: How to use Illustrator prepress would not be complete without a link to the FlightCheck demo version. FlightCheck will make the prepress process for your Illustrator artwork a breeze and even Packages all used fonts and images or collects ...