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SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ANDRE VLOGS: MAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Happy Birthday, Andre! -- October 25th was my birthday, so I celebrated with a few of my friends at Mr. Cecil's California Ribs. And I have had one too many rum and pineapples, my drink of choice :) Feel free to leave birthday wishes in the comments below. PREV VLOG: Andre Has New Mogwai (George & Lenny) SPECIAL GUESTS: Andrea Rene -- Rob Welkner -- Katie Wilson -- Maxwell Glick -- Matt Ryan (Smash Bros. Brawl Launch) Erin Schwall (Blac Efron) Carla Culberson (Buy Mii a Wii walk-in) SHOP AT THE BLACK NERD STORE: JOIN MY APP FRIEND ME! Facebook -- Twitter -- Google Plus -- FormSpring -- DailyBooth -- MySpace -- SpreadShirt -- ANDRE Personal Vlogs, Videos, Events and Q & A - Uncut and Uncensored - from Andre Meadows, the man behind Black Nerd Comedy. MAIN CHANNEL ANDRE VLOGS: LIVE / INTERVIEWS: TAGS: yt:quality=high andre vlog "video blog" AndreMeadows black nerd comedy BlackNerd happy birthday party dinner food drink alcohol rum pineapple ribs andrea rene clevver games rob robert welkner coin-op tv coinoptv clevvergames katie wilson super mario bromance walking in circles maxwell glick mrcheezypop ...