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Click here to listenon this show,The new I phone 4s,Steve Jobs Passing,Shit Siri SaysDamn You Auto Correct the dirty version (Maggie and Laura of the Maggie and Laura show read the clean ones)Little flurry reviews "My Life Deleted" by Scott BolzanWhat will happen to Apple after Steve Jobs passing, our thoughtsOne of Zman's co workers tired to flood Wal Mart.We wonder if family listens,If we can put something on it, it has something on it.Addictive Facebook games and what the heck is qat, zman used it in words with friends and it is an actual word so we look pu what it is.and us a comment or an mp3 of your comment candidradio@gmail.comAlso, can you spot the mistake.

[[ with Zman and Littleflurry, what happens when 2 creatively outspoken liberals try to find their way in an uptight ultra-conservative town located in rural IL. Think small town with a church every other block meets George Carlin but with more jokes. This podcast is for mature audiences and shouldn't be considered worksafe. Unless you work at a whorehouse or you have a good set of headphones. Listen to us rant and be a part of our show by calling us at 1-206-203-FUNO]