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Sponsor: - NH Occupiers line up to be arrested/cited (Occupy Wall Street). "Curfew violations" are the excuse for police interventions against anti-corporate-greed protesters and libertarians at Veterans Park in Manchester. This clip is part of a playlist series. Watch the series in sequence by clicking here: Some... of the video in this clip is probably available for you to use commercially. Basically any part of the clip that has the super at the bottom. All such segments are public domain. buy an advertisement: occupy nh ron paul new hampshire occupiers occupations. veterans park arrets curfews violations free state project civil disobedience live free or die socialists dave ridley report socialism corporate greed communists communism dissent martin luther king ridleyreport banker big banks banks got bailed out we got sold out tax the rich. freedom of speech to assemble liberty large corporations 1% 99% the one percent wealthiest americans weath income inequality distribution staters nh libertarian news. arrests arrested cops police