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Filmmaker Jill Godmillow writes... "In 2010, when Milos Stehlik (Facets Mulitmedia) called to say that he had raised the money to reissue the film "The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago" ( I jumped for joy. As the last of the VHS decks hit the dustbin, the only way old films can survive is if they can make the techno-leap to the next medium, in this case, to DVD. So, for the minute at least, the superb tamburitza music of the Popovich Brothers would live on, soulful and exhilarating, available to everyone. I called Marco Trbovich, the son of one of the Popovich sisters and the narrator of the 1978 film, to tell him the good news. Somehow in that conversation, he mentioned that he had a good tamburitza group going in Pittsburgh, where he now lived. I asked if it were topnotch. Were the musicians fine? I think I remember asked if it swung. Marco is a modest fellow, but he said his group, Orkestra Srpski Sinovi, was full of fine musicians and singers. He said it was damn good. He said "it swung." I asked -- if I could get a small film crew to his house one of these days, could we film a rehearsal of the group for an "extra" on the new DVD. Yes, he agreed. About a month or too later, a fine Pittsburgh cameraman, Jerry Hughes, volunteered to shoot a sequence and bring along an excellent soundman. And so he did, and he did a rough cut of the rehearsal, and now it swings on the new DVD... and that's how we can prove, just one more time, that the music goes on ...