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Chocolate that Feels as Good as it Tastes When you buy chocolate made with Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa you are helping build schools and dig wells for safe drinking water. Cocoa farmers worldwide confront serious obstacles to providing for their families. Just like the 600 farmers who started Kavokiva, a Fair Trade cooperative in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa. Farmers in the Kavokiva cooperative live in remote rural communities with no roads, no access to basic health care services, and no place to get clean drinking water. The country of Côte d'Ivoire has not recovered from years of civil war and political instability - the government does not provide basic services like paved roads or public education. In the face of serious poverty, families are unable to take care of their children and many kids end up working on cocoa farms instead of attending school. Fair Trade certification ensures farmers receive a fair price and strictly prohibits slave and child labor on Fair Trade cocoa farms. Fulgence N'Guessan is President of Coopérative Agricole Kavokiva de Daloa (Kavokiva Cooperative) and he explains, "We are aware that Fair Trade is a unique solution to improve our living conditions and fight against abusive child labor. We will fight with the help of the Fair Trade network to improve the lives of our members." The Kavokiva Cooperative started with 600 family farmers, each with small plots of land. Growing cocoa is each farmer's main source of cash income. In the face of ...