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Song: Come Close (Acoustic)Artist: SaosinBackup: "Come close, and I will carry you in my arms."Started: August 26th.Finished: August 28th.Editor's Notes: IT'S AUGUST 28TH, MY HEAD HURTS, I'M SICK, AND I'M MAD THAT THE HUNGER GAMES TRAILER THING HAD NO PEETA. NOT ONLY THAT, but I was editing this damn video throughout the entire VMAs. So, along with GaGa being crazy and Nicki Minaj cluttering my screen, I was sitting here frustrated about Daley.HALEIGHCAKES. Do you remember when we first started talking like .. close to two years ago, when we were batting back and forth our music tastes and we both landed on Saosin? WELL, I REMEMBERED, AND I APPLIED IT TO DEAN/HALEY. And, I found this pretty acoustic version and I know that you love slow shit so I figured; Daley + Saosin + Acoustic = a very happy HALEIGHCAKES. :)