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Yes, yes. I know this is a little different from how I usually do things, but there's no such thing as growth without a little experimentation, right? I recorded the audio really late at night a week or so ago using just the built in mic in my computer. I ultimately decided I liked the low-fi sound of it, so I made this little visual to accompany (equally low-fi, haha...I only have imovie to work with). Hope you like! If it's too much, just close your eyes and listen :) Lyrics: monkey in the corner, staring at me so, look, i just love you far too much, too much to ever let you go. i've wrestled larger things than these, i'm fixated on winning - yours, mine, and otherwise, it'll all be a wash in the morning love, the morning love it's all a wash, wring it out. in the morning love, the morning it's a wash, start again in the morning i'll be waiting and you'll probably be gone, still i'll make banana pancakes and i'll hum what i thought was our song, and do you even like those things? i guess i never asked you, i just assumed like all the rest they'd be your favorite fruit. Chords - C, Em, Am, G Music & Lyrics © 2011 Juliana Richer Daily You can also find me here: http