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Preflight - what is it? Markzware, the US patent holder on the process of preflight for the graphic arts (graphic design, publishing, prepress and printing sectors), has this on their web page: The Preflight Definition Preflight is the process of checking digital files for potential errors prior to output (Exporting to PDF or Printing). This process should be done on native or source file types, such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or QuarkXPress, everytime before saving or sending the job onto another party- simple quality assurance. Preflight of the files can be done with special software such as FlightCheck Professional, the preflight download from Markzware, or can be done manually, often called the eye-ball method. SOURCE: For more article on preflight, see: Preflight and package your files Quark, Adobe or Microsoft with FlightCheck! See: Preflight!