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I love flying, so far only on commercial airlines my excitement starts at getting in the plane and having the doors close, then taxing the excitement builds knowing what's about to come. On the runway the sound of the engines build, I'm getting giddy around now, the plane accelerates and then ever so gentle it's up, up and away. It all seems so effortless, but there is a lot at play to get us up in the air and to our destination on time and safely. In many ways I think the golden age of air travel has come and gone, with security at airports, extra charges by air lines for luggage, carry on and even seat selection many passengers just don't look forward to flying. In the future planes will be larger and more efficient, still with the greater capacity will come less scheduled flights and then the cost of aviation fuel combined with global climate change will also put pressure on air travel - We are flying less and staying longer at destinations now, last year we flew to Mexico twice and stayed 5 weeks total, this year we fly once and stay 5 weeks. Times are changing... Music by Psy Brazil 03 - KanuaK - Cosmic Age