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This video is dedicated to the lame bw bashers that struggle to overstand the hustle/game. The next time you decide to use a derogatory term against an African American mother,.. know your history as well as your own position first! ... The abundance of BM/WW relationship is based on scienctific design. You are not as sexy, attractive, most desired, in the eyes of others,.. as you believe yourself to be. LAB RATS... (((WAKE UP!))) -Davenport and Steggerda (1929) study of race-mixing in Jamaica. -David Starr Jordan, president of Stanford University, was a leading advocate of eugenic sterilization and was key in establishing the eugenics committee of the "American Breeder's" Association. - Jamaicans in St Elizabeth was part of a 'Eugenics' race mixing study. -The studies are morphological, physiological, psychological, developmental and eugenical" -Between 1910 and 1940, scientists conducted more than 20 major scientific investigations of the effects of miscegenation in the Pacific, North America, Southeast Asia, South Africa and the Maghreb. The project concentrates largely on the extensive and influential series of studies of race mixing organized through the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University, one of the major pre-World War II sites for the training of physical anthropologists. BREEDER: The Study of Science and Race. Footnote: Karl Pearson's handwritten instructions (race mixing study)