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August, 4, 2011Triple CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) Earth Directed in route!Moving at an estimated speed of 1950 km/sthis CME is expected to sweep up two earlier CMEs already en route.Analysts at the GSFC Space Weather Lab say the combined cloud shouldreach Earth on August 5th at 13:55 UT plus or minus 7 hours:"The impact on Earth is likely to be major.The estimated maximum geomagnetic activity index level Kp is 7 (Kp ranges from 0 - 9).The flanks of the CME may also impact STEREO A, Mars and Mercury/MESSENGER Satellites."New activity will cause us to "Go Deep" within ourselves.Changes throughout and around will occur in many way.Practice Loving Kindness as it is the gateway to Compassion.When we look upon this time it is hard not to realize the messages that were left for us in so many ways through ancient ways.If we become the "Seeker of Truth's" in our life path it will show all the possibilities life has to offer.Stepping out of the box we were brought in allows one to take a Leap out of fear and into the vastness of "What is"The great Sun has opened us up to opportunities and awakenings. It is our choice to realize and surrender to the greatness.The greatness that is you...Choose the road less traveledFull of Amazement and WonderThe path of Loving KindnessIt will amaze youYou will then rememberThe great gift it is to beHere