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KISS in full war paint Photo by Glenn La Ferman

Who knew? Many avid cruisers are also KISS fans. In WALLACE IMMEN’s exclusive interview on, Gene Simmons told why the legendary band KISS will become the Kings of the Night Time World on a cruise of the Carnival Destiny that starts Oct. 13 from Miami and returns Oct. 17. If you missed that story, you’ll find it by clicking here.

Wallace had a couple of more questions for the legendary Simmons, including keeping avid cruisers up-to-date while KISS is at sea on Carnival Destiny.

Are you going to be able to do a blog while you’re on the ship that you can share with us?

I hadn’t thought about that, but that’s a good idea.

I’d love to pursue that because we have a lot of readers who would love to read it.

Yeah That’s a good idea. I’ll suggest it to all the knuckleheads. You know, the people around me who figure out where we will be going why we are going. You know we have a variety of them: important knuckleheads, unimportant knuckleheads, every other variety and they’re all going to be on the cruise with me. The Board of Knuckleheads.  They just tell me where we’re going to go next and I do it. Think of me as a ping pong ball:. someone is always smacking me in the back of the head and saying let’s go.

So avid cruisers and KISS fans, what do you think? Would you read the daily musings of Simmons & company here on Avid Cruiser? Put on the war paint, rally the troops and retweet this post! Let’s get Simmons on board.