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This was more of an experiment than an actual cover, and here's the result! I had fun making it. Remember that I have MORE covers, and they ALL have different sounds! Go check my channel please!Buy Skrillex's song here: + this version played at the same time: is KIND OF A capella. More like vocal or mouthstep maybe? The "effect" that creates the heavy bass sound you're hearing is really mostly lowering my voice 1 octave and singing tons of layers. You'd be surprised at how different it gets.Every sound was made with my now shredded vocal cords. Yes, some sounds are ridiculous, but that's as close as I could get!Skrillex, thanks for watching it! Now you and Flux will have something to talk about when you go touring ;).Don't forget to subscribe for more! I'll try to do something a bit different next time, but expect more song covers and weird @#$ noises.Twitter:!/AaronicStuffFacebook: long did this take to make?well lets see... 35 layers of sounds for the first 10 seconds of the song....that means a shitload of time, during summer vacations though, over a period of 2 weeks.Yesssss, this sounds like a LOT of things, and I'm glad you find my faces amusing. If you HATE them then you never had a childhood.