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Where should the Palestinian refugees go? Who is responsible for them? Is it Israel? Or is it the Arab states? In 1950 the refuges were numbered at 711000. Today they number 4.7 million. So I ask once again, where should they go? After and during the wars Israel has absorbed all of the Jewish refugees purged from Arab states, so why do the Arab states not do the same with the Palestinian refugees? The answer is because they want to destroy Israel, then after Israel is destroyed and the nuclear radiation subsides, the refugees will "return" to "their" homeland, which has always been the plan of the Arab states. Do they really expect Israel after all of these decades and generations of Palestinians being born, do they expect little Israel to absorb them and still remain a Jewish state, of course not. Is it any wonder that a settlement cannot be found? Although Israel is always willing to talk and to give in on issues, the Arabs only have one thing on their minds, and that is the destruction of Israel. How do you negotiate with people like that? Jbranstetter04