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Building your Facebook following?


Depositing all your content capital in The National Bank of Twitter?

Dumb. Let me rephrase: compounded dumb.

We’ve talked a lot about the dangers of digital sharecropping. So now let’s talk today about a specific news item that could affect your business — at any time.

And, in the tip of the week, we cover writing great headlines in light of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album.

Also, Brian names names.

In this episode Brian, Sonia and I discuss:

The real danger (and stupidity) of hinging all your marketing on Facebook or TwitterHow to inoculate your business against Facebook Fan Page deletionWhat is obscurity marketing and can it work for you?Why some writers can get away with “bad” headlines and why you probably can’tHow much should you promote your social presence?A simple way to write effective headlines — at the grocery store

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The Show Notes:

Get the “Little Black Dress” of Internet Marketing … FREEFacebook Deletes Hacked Pages, Destroying Years of WorkThe Marketing Genius of “Led Zeppelin IV”How to Write Magnetic HeadlinesMagazines.comThanks to Girl Talk, baby.

About the Author: Robert Bruce is an American writer and amateur recluse.



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