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I got a request regarding piano footwear, what is good, what is bad, and what is recommended, so here is a video showing my opinion of different shoes. Some like barefot while others hate it etc. This is just a little guideline. :) Please leave your own experiences and preferences in the comments section for others to benefit from. If it is too fast, here is a list of my pros and cons: 1. Socks (0:30) + Warm + Common to wear around the house - Not good stability - May cause stressing angle if high pedals. - Foot may easily slip (and make that BANG noise). 2. Barefoot (0:53) + Nice in the summer + Can give good sense of control - Cold metal! - Not good stability - May also cause stressing angle. 3. High heels (1:15) + Look nice for performances + Better angle of movement - Thick sole, can't feel pedal. - Knees are too high and bump into piano. - Unstable heel. 4. Wedge Heels (1:41) + Look nice for performances + Good angle of movement. + Tight fit, foot moves as one unit. + More stable than stiletto. - Knees will bump if too tall. - Thick sole, can't feel pedal. 5. Flip-flops (2:07) + Flexible sole, can feel pedal. + Barefoot without touching the cold metal. - Insecure fit, may slip off. - Sole may move between foot and pedal. 6. Running shoes (2:32) + No slip. + Foot moves as one unit. + Warm. + Gives heel a little lift and good angle of movement. - Not common to wear in the house. - Can't feel pedal through sole. 7. Slippers (2:55) + Warm and comfy + Non-slip sole. + ...