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Terra's attempt at gracefully beating Mysterious Figure. 100% luck based fight with Terra. The only character I don't enjoy the fight as. It's like the designers forgot Terra was a playable character when they designed MF's moveset. You literally have no options about 60% of the time. No answer to his moves. *Overview* Honestly, trying to do this the honorable way is a complete waste of time. Spam Thunder Surges, or lose (Certain Shotlock spam works just as well). I leveled all the way up to LV85 thinking I wouldn't have to resort to TS spam, but I was STILL wrong. So don't waste your time leveling past 50-55 with Terra. I can fairly consistently make it to his second phase of the fight without TS spam, but the second half is just 100% luck on what he does when he goes invisible. *Restrictions* Not dying *Stats* Level: 85 HP: 82/82 Keyblade: Chaos Ripper Strength: 53 Magic: 47 Defense: 40 Battle Commands: Thunder Surge Thunder Surge Thunder Surge Thunder Surge Curaga Curaga Cura Cura Action Commands: High Jump Air Slide Renewal Block Counter Hammer Slide *Difficulty* 12/5 *Strategy* There is seriously no strategy with Terra for this. Thunder Surge spam and pray he does not do certain moves in an order that gets you killed. The Laser Orbs and Collision Magnet are by FAR the worst offenders in this fight. If Laser Orbs is combined with any other move, it's essentially death. With Collision Magnet, a simple Slide won't always avoid it. However, Slide + Thunder Surge dodges ...