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Maybe it's just me, but I actually enjoy this fight most with Terra. I know, weird right? Here is why: This fight was CLEARLY designed so that all of Vanitas' moves are dodgable with all 3 characters, UNLIKE A CERTAIN OTHER FIGHT. And because Terra has the absolute worst dodging in the game tenfold, it makes it the most fun because it comes down to skill, instead of luck dodging. And because Aqua and Ven can both spam their dodge moves constantly to avoid most of Vanitas' attacks easily, Terra cannot. This fight as Terra tests your true knowledge of this fight. *Overview* Unlike with Aqua and Ven, this fight will actually be a real challenge (well maybe I'm being a little unfair, this fight is still a tough challenge for Aqua/Ven). Your only viable dodging is Slide, and you're wide open afterwards. So spamming it is guaranteed death very quickly. *Restrictions* No Damage No D-Link No Shotlock *Stats* Level: 50 HP: 106/106 Keyblade: Ultima Weapon Strength: 35 Magic: 30 Defense: 28 Battle Commands: Mine Square Mine Square Action Commands: High Jump Stun Block Counter Hammer Air Slide Slide *Difficulty* 8/5 *Strategy* If you want a strategy, read it here: (or Terra doesn't have a cheap strategy to win this, other than the go behind a rock and spam Strike Raid and hope that goes well. Mine Square is probably the closest thing to cheap you can get. So yea, my general strat was to poke at him when he's open. Because Terra's combos are so ...