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Today, we ask for a Kiss. Halik,translates to Kiss, however,you can just say the words kiss. Gusto ko ng kiss. (I want a kiss).... Or we could say Pahingi ng kiss(I'd like a kiss).... We Could also say Halikan mo ako!(Kiss me!).... We could just as well say Isang kiss lang...(Just one kiss).... Of Course, if you want a Kiss on the Lips,you can say Sa labi.(On the lips).... Then again, you might say Pahalik.Let me have a kiss).... Perhaps you want that kiss on the Lips again, just say Pahalik sa labi.(Let me have a kiss on the lips).... But,Perhaps, you dont want a kiss,just say Huwag mo akong halikan!(dont kiss me!).... There you go, you can now go ask the world for a kiss. Hope you learnd a lot from this lesson. Leave comments and questions below, Follow me on facebook and twitter. Until the next Episode,Paalam.....