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Today, we have a question Phrase for you. Let me set you up with the situation. You leave the House for a while. Upon your return, you notice that your grandmothers 200 year old vase,that has been passed down from generation to generation has been broken. Your upset,and what to know who is at fault,who did this? You can ask , Who is at fault by saying,"Sino ang may Kasalanan"?This tranlsates to mean, "Who is at fault, or Whos fault is it"? Sino means"Who or Whom" Ang means"The" as we have covered in Past Episodes. May,can be a verb,Pronoun, or Preposition. As a Verb, it means"Have or Have Got". As a Pronoun,it means"Someone or Something". As a Preposition, it means"With". Kasalanan is a Noun, and Means"Sin,Fault,Offense or Guilt". There you have another very useful Tagalog Phrase. Hope you learned a lot with this episode. Hope yo see you for the next Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day. Until then(follow me on Twitter,or Face Book).Paalam.