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Today,we take a look at relationships again. This time,you have met the girl of your Dreams and wish to spend you life with her. To do this, you must Pop that All Important Question(Will You Marry me?). There are a number of ways to do this. Kasal is a word which means"Marry or Marriage" Magpakasal,means "To Get married". To ask this Girl to marry you , you can say. Magpakasal Tayo.. Magpakasal Tayo means"Lets Get Married".... you could also say "Pakasalan Mo Ako"... Pakasalan Mo Ako means"Marry Me".... THEN OF COURSE , YOU COULD SAY "Gusto Mo Bang Magpakasal"... Gusto mo bang Magpakasal means"Do You Watn To Gat Married".... filnally,you could ask her by saying"Gusto Kitang Pakasalan"... Gusto Kitang Pakasalan means"I Want To Marry You"... alright, now you have some ways to ask this question,now all you need is to find a unique way to pop this question. Shoot me a video when you have asked her. I would love to see the unique way in which you asked her. Until then, Let me be the first to congratulate you on your wedding.Maligayang bati sa iyong kasal,which means"Happy wishes on your wedding"... Until the next Episode,leave comments and questions below. Paalam!!!!