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Today,we take a new twist. Your in a sort of relationship with someone.Your a distance apart,and you are missing this person. You wish to write them a letter, and are not sure how to begin. May I suggest a way to start this letter? I cannot give you the entire letter,this is a personal thing between you and your loved one. However,I can help with the Intro to the Letter. You might wish to start this Letter something like this. Dear Friend and Loving Companion.Nice beginning Right? Ok, so how do we translate this. Dear Friend and Loving Companion translates to "Mahal na Kaibigan at Mapagmahal na Kasamahan"... Now, Mahal Translates to mean " Dear or Beloved"... Kaibigan Translates to mean"Friend"... Mapagmahal Translates to mean"Loving"... Kasamahan Translates to mean" Companion"... Ok, you now have the beginning of the Letter(Dear Friend and Loving Companion)Now it is up to you to finish it. I do hope you learned a lot in this Episode,and hope to see you for another Edition of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day. Until then,Paalam....