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Here's how I tie the GT knot for fishing.This is NOT the slim beauty. Click here for a slim beauty: the line is simply doubled (not a bimini) and the braid wraps around the mono (rather than the mono threading the braid) and that you cut the braid tags off on the slim beauty.The knot is used for joining monofilament line (nylon or fluorocarbon) to a braid main line. The knot requires a bimini twist in the mainline to create a loop.The knot is very strong (stronger than the bimini, which if well tied can be 90%+ of the line strength), is relatively easy to tie (compared to knots such as the FG or PR knot) and cast well as the tag faces up the line (but not quite as well for heavy leaders as the significantly longer and trickier PR and FG knots).Note: bimini's can be tied a lot easier if you put the loop over a reel handle and take out the slack as it will give you two hands to work with with forming the turns. (see other videos on youtube).The knot may take a little bit longer to tie than other knots, but is significantly stronger, and should last many trips before you have to retie. It can be tied in lines as light as 4lb, where it forms a very reliable high strength knot. With care, the knot can be cut without damaging the bimini. Remember, a strong knot will break less often, so retieing lines will happen less often.One trick is to use the same leader as your braid (be wary actual breaking strains may vary from the pack). With the right knot (a 6 turn uni), the leader should snap at the lure or hook should you get snagged and need to snap off your line (leaving you with only a single terminal knot to try).So get out there and practice it.