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Today, we look at relationships. More to the point, Jealousy in the relationship If you are now or have ever been in a relationship, you know jealousy , will one day become a part of that relationship. If you wish to ask a Woman if she is Jealous,You can say"Selosa ka ba"? If you wish to ask a man if he is Jealous, say it this way"Seloso ka ba"? If you want to ask your friend , Is She The Jealous Type?" You can say"Selosa ba siya"? If you would like to ask your friend if He is The Jealous Type?It is as easy as"Seloso ba siya"? You want to tell someone Not to Be Jealous, Just say"Huwag kang Magselos"... This was a short,fairly easy lesson. I do hope you learned a lot from this lesson. Please leave Comments Below, and I will see you for the next Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day.... Until then, Paalam....