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Today, I bring you a few very useful Tagalog-Filipino Question Words you can use. How Old Are You? You want to know how old someone is, you can ask this by saying"Ilong Taon Ka Na"? Where Are You From ?You wish to know where someone is from,all you need to do is say"Taga-saan Ka"? Where Do You Live? If you wish to inquire as to where someone lives,it is done this way"SaanKa Nakatira"? Where Have You Been? Do you want to ask where someone has been? Do it this way"Saan Ka Galing"?(often used rhetorically) Where Are You Going? If you want to know where someone is Going, you can ask this way"Saan KaPupunta"? There you now can ask many useful questions in Tagalog. Perhaps tomorrow , we can bring you a few more very useful Question Words. Until then please leave Comments and Questions Below. Hope to see you for the Next Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day.Paalam....