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Today, we will continue with the Question Words,things like,"Can you accompany me to,Can you take me to,What is your work,and What are you doing"? We start with "Can you accompany me to"? To say "Can you accompany me to" in Tagalog - Filipino,you say"Pwede mo ba akong samahan sa"? after which,you will insert the name of the location where you wish for them to accompany you. This could be "Sine",which means "Cinema or Movie" as we have covered in past Episodes. It could also be"Sayaw",which means "Dance".Or you could also insert "Tindahan",which means"Store".then you have"Partido",which Translates to mean "Party"... The next Question Phrase is"Can you take me to"?which is said as,"Pwede mo ba akong dalhin sa"and then you once again will add the location to which you wish to go.Any of the Locations listed above will work fine. Now we look at how to say"What is your work"?Which is"Anong trabaho mo"?Anong come from the root word Ano,which means"What".Trabaho means"Work.Mo means"You" Now we will see how to say"What are you doing"? in Tagalog -Filipino. You say this as"Ano ang ginagawa mo"? So these you have many very useful questions to ask in Tagalog -Filipino. Revisit these as often as you need. Please leave Comments and Questions Below, and I hope to see you for the Next Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day. Until then,Paalam.