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Runescape Money Making Guide: No risk + Free Kills = $$$ I am a veteran/professional/semi-retired RS player and over the past 10 years I have perfected the various ways of making money. For example, my video "Runescape Money Making Guide" - has 400k+ views so clearly my methods are effective and I know what I am talking about. All you haters out there are just too noob to follow my guide properly otherwise you would be rich like me and not be such a hater and noob. The method outlined in this video has earned me about 1M (1 MILLION!) over the past 5 years so I think we can all agree that this method is the best way to make monies. I have made the steps short and simple so that it is foolproof even for all the hater noobs out there: 1. Get a Santa Hat (preferably partyhat). 2. Get 64 Dungeoneering for G2H (R2H is not acceptable). 3. Own noobs in wildy*. 4. Sell awesome loots eg 3 addy arrows for massive $$$. 5. Buy partyhat and repeat. *Oh yeah btw don't skull.