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Sponsor: - Impatience #1 enemy of civil resistance, says Chenoweth. This clip is part of a series. Part 1 is at Thenext part should appear as a RidleyReport video response to this clip. From there click on the RidleyReport video responses to move forward through this series in order. How to buy an ad: Many images are from The Wikimedia Commons site: - plz donate to them at erica chenoweth ron paul free talk live new hampshire nonviolent resistance civil disobedience rebellions. impatient, free state project freedom lack of resolve decisiveness dave ridley report egypt libya tunisia staters egyptian revolution revolts rebellions ridleyreport topple dictators tyrants bringing down the governments. liberty anarchy anarchism nh overthrowing rulers replacing libertarian live free or die. civil disobedience revolts peaceful ron paul egypt jasmine arab spring tyrants london riots new hampshire moammarr gaddafi sirte hometown rebellion rebels insurgents insurgency mahatma gandhi martin luther king jr.