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Today, we have many Useful Words and Phrase ,that will help you. We begin with you ,and your friend,or you and a relative. Your Relative has a friend(you do not know this person,but would like to ).You can ask a simple question. Who is he,or Who is she.To ask this question in Tagalog , You say"Sino Siya"?This translates to who is he,or who is she.Sino means"Who,while Siya"means He or She" Siya is gender Neutral ,and can be used for he or she. Your relative and his friend are talking ,and you did not hear what he,or she said. You can find out by asking "What is he saying or What is She Saying"? To ask this question in Tagalog, You say"Anong Sinasabi Niya"? Your friend or relative says something to you, and you did not quite understand what they meant by this. You can ask,What do you mean?To get a clear answer. What do you Mean in Tagalog is said as"Anong Ibig Mong Sabihin"? Your friend,family member or even a stranger says something.You did not hear what they just said, or only heard part of the conversation. You can ask them to "Please say it Again,by saying "Paki Ulit"!!This also means "Pardon"!! Your friend says something to you, and Your afraid you might forget,so you can ask them"Please Write it Down"!!In Tagalog, This is said as"Paksulat"!! You are out with friends or family(perhaps shopping,or at a party). You feel ,it is time to leave. You can say this by saying "Lets Go"!!In Tagalog, This is said as"Tara Na"!!--Informal way,or You can say"Halika"!!--A Little more ...