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There is no doubt the internet has become the Defacto standard for communicating with others across the Globe. We Spend Hours up Hours chatting,sharing Photos and every other form of communication you can think of on social networking sites ,as well as other sites. At some point, we all must say good night or end the chat session ,and the normal way to do this is to say good night or good bye. I want to provide you with a few other useful words and Phrase,that can help you say good bye. We start out with "Best Wishes". Now Best Wishes can be said in Tagalog-Filipino by saying"Maligayang Pagbati"..Maligayang simply means"Welcome"..While Pagbati" means"Greeting or Congratulations" Another way to end your chat session is to say"See You Soon"..See You Soon is said as"Magkita Tayo Ulit Kaagad" Magkita means to"Meet or See Each Other".. Tayo means"We or Us"...ulit means"Again or Repeat"..finally,Kaagad means"Immediately or Right Away".. Next, we have "see you later" as a way of ending our chat session. This can be said as"Makikita mo Mamaya"..Makikita translates to mean"Observable or Visual" but along with Mo,can mean "see you".. Mamaya means"later,presently or soon" So, all together,"Makikita mo Mamaya" means "See You Later".. The last Phrase we use is"Sweet Dreams"..This is said as"Matamis na Pangarap"... Matamis means"Sweet",while Pangarap , means"Dreams. I do hope you enjoyed this lesson and learn a few useful ways to say good bye when ending your chat sessions with Family ...