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or NOTE: If you donate at a certain level, you get all the corresponding prizes for the levels below. For example, if you give a level 2 donation of $25, you get an autographed picture as well as your name in the Film Credits. Level 1 - $10 - Your name in the Movie Credits under the "Special Thanks" section of both films. Level 2 - $25 - An autographed picture of Chris and Richie as Mario and Luigi or Nox Decious and the Darkness. Level 3 - $50 -- Both film soundtracks. NEW! - Your choice of either a heroes or villains poster Level 4 - $75 -- Both DVDs of Movie when it's made. We'll get it to you as soon as we can, depending on the Film Festival rules. Level 5 - $125 -- Both film posters, that will be autographed by the main cast and crew. Level 6 - $500 -- Get your name as an associate producer at the beginning of the film credits.