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My little tribute to all the demon faces of youtube If you've ever made a demon face video, feel free to add it as a video response The tutorial for this video can be found at the link below: Add it as a video response when you finish it, so I can check it out :) Also check out the new Demon Cam app by videocopilot Looks like it might be fun :D And just remember, DEMONS NEVER DIE iPhone 4 Demon Cam App andrew kramer Demon Face Test effects warp video co pilot EJ pictures Elliott.g.montello Demon Cam Test Romaxe App iPhone iPad iPod iTunes Store Demon Cam Videocopilot funny demon cam girl blonde iphone app demon cam Video Copilot Demon Cam Damon Face Visual Effects iPhone App Demon Orb Demon scary demon faces monster horrible freaky funny hilarious scariest amazing terrify adobe after affects creepy funny scary vampire Please Marry My Daughter animation monster spooky comedy Demon face warp test Horror Scream Freakshow After Effects Premiere HV30 After effects Sony vegas demon girl demongirl demonface 5