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or -- We Love You, Dad A Father's Day Tribute. Episode: 1739, Air Date: 19 June 2011. Script Greetings loving viewers! Today, June 19, is Father's Day as celebrated in many countries. It is a special occasion to express how much we appreciate our caring, loving dads. In honor of Father's Day, both fathers and children around the world speak about their special relationship. Being a dad, well, children are always the best, you love them most, and you actually live for them, so... Like today, for example, the weather is nice, so we can go for a walk, feed the ducks. Adusia likes feeding the ducks a lot, yes? Is that right? My daughter has taught me a lot about love. And now I see the world in a new light. When I return home from work, no matter how tired I am, the moment I see my daughter's face, I feel so relaxed and happy. And indeed, this is a feeling that I had never experienced before. When I met my wife, I thought I'm going to become a dad one day, and I thought I want to be a role model, I want to be my children's hero. So, I gave up drinking, I gave up smoking, I threw everything away because my children had to grow up the proper way. My dad's a hero to me because he sacrifices so much to show so much and to give so much love to his family. No matter in what part of the globe, pride fills a father's heart. Pakistani Consul General Zaheer Pervaiz Khan explains: I think that you always feel proud of your children. When you see the children right from ...