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It is such a shame that their call letters no longer even exist, but the celebration of WOR-FM continues with some more Murray The K.
Murray would do what he called “Attitude Blocks”- sets of music with a common thread tying them together.
Something I have taken to an extreme, lol!
But I do sets of music within my…I guess you’d have to call them “Attitude Series”!
Here’s what resident Radio Authority Alan Sniffen had to say:

Murray the K was the guiding light for the first year.  His dedication to breaking new music became a theme for the station.  Murray pushed records that he believed had potential to become hits such as Ike and Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High”.  While it never became a U.S. hit (it was a hit in England), WOR-FM’s dedication to playing the song did have an impact on New York record sales.
Murray the K had the highest rated FM show in New York; a 4 share on one ratings survey, a 3 on the next. This was higher than many AM shows and a terrific FM rating for New York. 

It was in late winter or early spring of 1967 that I finally found a friend who had an FM Radio, and soon after, a girl who had one.
I would go over to one of their homes (I could stay later at the guy’s house) and try to be a fun guest, while simultaneously listening to their radio, lol!
One night, I heard Murray or Rosko play the album version of a song I was very familiar with- it was a huge hit on AM Radio.
But I had never heard THIS!
It was more than twice as long as that hit song I knew!
I didn’t even know there WAS a longer version- by the time that song was over, I felt like something was happening here and I was missing out, it blew my mind!
Songs could be more than 3 minutes long?
And still to this day I will not listen to that damn chopped up single that I had once childishly enjoyed.
WOR-FM was presenting a new kind of Rock Music, daring to do so with intelligence, and I was being carried along very willingly.
Some real memory busters in this chapter, hopefully some of those “Oh wow” moments for you!
Do enjoy!