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Materials presented in this video can directly improve your ability to help clients who suffers from diseases indigenes to abdominal cavity such as Chron's disease, gastric ulcers, gastro intestinal track diseases, colitis, constipation, irregularity and insufficiency of bowel movement, diverticulitis, acid reflux diseases, Irritable bowel syndrome and more. In the video Boris explains the difference between a normal physiological process within the abdominal cavity to a process affected by venous stasis, which is the cause of disorders in the abdominal cavity. Boris further explains how stress causes venous stasis and which problems it gives to organs and systems. Finally Boris explains why medical massage is the best methodology in fighting diseases in the abdominal cavity and how it helps to eliminate these problems; direct elimination of venous blood stasis and reduction of lymphedema, which is the main condition to start the healing process. Boris explains why abdominal/visceral massage is the only method that directly and in short period of time, allows one to achieve desired results. After this brief theoretical introduction, Boris proceeds with his protocol of abdominal/visceral massage that positively affects the internal organs. Among others, these techniques include petrissage, superficial fascia release, deep fascia release techniques, and skin mobilization. Boris's hands-on demonstration is very detailed, easy to follow and learn. Medical massage is not a ...