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Democracy NOW! DN! - In one of the largest meat recalls in US history, this week the food giant Cargill ordered the recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey. The recall came after at least one person died from Salmonella, and another 76 people fell ill from turkey products traced to Cargill's processing plant in Springdale, Arkansas. According to the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Salmonella outbreak involves a strain of the bacteria known as Salmonella Heidelberg, which is resistant to many commonly prescribed antibiotics. Although the recall was announced this week, the outbreak began in March. More than 3000 people die a year from food poisoning in the United States and millions more get sick. Food safety advocates say this latest outbreak shows how budget cuts have hampered the ability of federal and state health agencies to effectively protect public health. We speak with Patty Lovera, assistant director of the food safety group, Food & Water Watch. Published, with permission from Provided to you under Democracy NOW! creative commons license. Copyright, an independent non-profit user funded news media, recognized and broadcast world wide.