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Welcome back to Another Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day. Thank you for returning. Glad to have you here. Today, we learn how to say Cold in Tagalog/Filipino.To say Cold, you will say "Malamig".So why donapos;t we go ahead and use this in a phrase you can use.Maulan na Umaga..Malamig. What this means is, Cold Rainy Morning.Maulan ,comes from the Root Word,which is "Ulan". Ulan Means "Rain",in English.Maulan means "Rainy". Na, as we have covered in past episodes , means "That". Umaga, if you will remember from way back, when we covered greetings,this means "Morning".Once again Malamig means "COld. So,all together, Maulan na Umaga..Malamig means "Cold Rainy Morning. If your looking at a cold rainy morning, you might want to take your umbrella with you. Umbrella in Tagalog/Filipino , is "Payong". So there you have plenty of useful words and at least 1 very useful Phrase you can use every day. Since you have been studying for a while now, I know you must be Itching to take a trip to The Philippines ,so you can show off your new found Language. Start making Plans now for next Spring or summer,and in The mean Time, the next few Lessons will be dealing with words and Phrases that have to do with Travel,such as Passport ,bags,and other useful words for travel. Stay tuned for those In our next 2 to 4 Lessons. Until the next lesson , Paalam. Remember, you can follow me on You Tube,Google buzz,Buzznet,Multiply,Facebook,Blip TV.,Twitter,For those Older Folks,I am also ...