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Haifa Wehbe and Sally Ahmad singing "Mosh Adra Astana" (I Can't Wait) live on the Star Academy show on Lebanese TV, 2007. lyrics in Arabic and English: Mosh Adra Astana Mosh 2adra astana youm kaman 2erga3 Ba2a Metshawa2a 7abiby 7elm 3omry La7zet Lo2aak Ya 7aremny Menak Ba2ali Zaman Ya 7abiby khalas An El Awan Nefdal Hena Ma3 Ba3dena Kefaya Ghebt 3any Shof Kam Sana Mal2etsh Fehom Ra7a We Aman x2 3omry Ma3ak 7aiaty Melk 2edek Bastanak We Sa3b A3esh Gher Lek Dana Men Youm Ma 3eny Gat Fe 3eneik Wana 3aiza Akon Wayak x2 Ana 3omry Ma Hansa Wa3di Lek 7afdal Keda Bel Shakl Da 7afdal A7ebak Inta El 7ob Da Wala A3esh Fel Donia Youm Ba3dek A7la El Aw2at Wana Ben 2edek Kol El Mona Tefdal Ma3aia Ana Ro7y Rai7a Meny Ta3lali Ba2a Wa7ashetny 7abiby Begad 3enek 3omry Ma3ak 7aiaty Melk 2edek Bastanak We Sa3b A3esh Gher Lek Dana Men YoumMa 3eny Gat Fe 3eneik We Tamaly Fe 2albi Hawak x2 _____________________________________________ Haifa Wehbe - I Can't Wait I can't wait another day Come back to me I'm yearning for you My darling the dream of my life is to meet you for a moment Oh you who is depriving me I still have time My darling this is the last moan of moans We will stay here together You've been away from me long enough Look how many years I've not seen comfort and security My lifetime is with you My life is the property of your hands I'm waiting for you and it's hard to live except for you From the day my eye met yours I've wanted to be with you I will never forget you so long as I ...