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or Click here for Old World Blues - Christine's COS Silencer Rifle ----- The first part of PATH 1 for main quests in Fallout: New Vegas' third DLC, Old World Blues. =================================== There are 2 paths to end OWB. This PATH 1 includes the quests: - Sonic Emitter Upgrade - X-8: High School Horror! (is pretty much included in Sonic Emitter Upgrade quest) - X-2: Strange Transmissions! - X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator! The PATH 2 has the quests: - All My Friends Have Off Switches - Influencing People - Field Research The PATH 1 is faster and easier (less running around). PATH 2 will take you all around the area, back and forth, multiple times. =================================== In this video we have quests "Sonic Emitter Upgrade" and "X-8: High School Horror!" - Sonic Emitter Upgrade: get the upgrade (activating the Advanced Test required) - X-8: High School Horror!: find the audio sample of Gabriel's Bark (activating the Cyberdog Test required) More info and stats (although the Fallout wiki is pretty mixed up with these quest in which being a main and which a side quest):