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WATCH MORE HERE: ... Psychedelic comedy key stage 2 maths. Quiff and Boot must outwit the Grock with the help of a really annoying Calculator. Directed by The Brothers McLeod. Please don't freak out that this is teaching children how to use a calculator when they 'should be doing it in their own head'. This is one of 22 animations, and all the others are about understanding maths 'in your own head'. It is also considered useful for children to learn how to use a calculator. Don't worry, their brains won't fall out of their bottoms just because they can use one. I'll let you into a shocking secret... I used one at school, and do you know what it totally ruined my education... I got 10 GCSEs, 4 A Levels, a Bachelor's degree in science from a top university before getting two Masters degrees (Merit and Distinction), so learning how to use a calculator really ruined my education. Er...