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Nightly Webcasts Keep You Up To Date On Events At The ShowWelcome to our Thursday wrap-up of the days events at AirVenture, 2011. FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt made his third appearance at AirVenture as head of the regulatory agency, and in many ways gave the same speech as he has the past two years.The nearly hour-and-15-minute session allowed only about 20 minutes for questions from the people attending the forum in Honda Pavilion, and a big chunk of that was taken up by someone with an axe to grind and a legal pad covered in notes. The rest of the time was used by Babbitt's speech, and questions from EAA president Rod Hightower. Babbitt returned to Washington almost immediately following his speech.2011 marks the fourth consecutive year that Women in Aviation International has worked with EAA on a series of events called WomenVenture. Peggy Chabrian, WAI President, announced that this year's events at AirVenture are dedicated to celebrating the Centennial of the first women to obtain her pilots license in the U.S., Harriet Quimby.At the annual Young Eagles awards dinner Wednesday night, Rolls-Royce announced they will be pledging financial support for the 2011 EAA Young Eagles Scholarship Program. Designed to support teenagers interested in aviation and aviation careers, EAA Young Eagles scholarships fund flying lessons and flight experiences for deserving teenage student pilots.LoPresti Speed Merchants and Deltahawk Diesel Engines today released a rendering of the cowling that will be on the SR20 "Shark". The cowling has an air intake that provides unseparated flow, directed flow, and thermal coupling on demand to keep the engine in optimal temperature with the least drag possible.And finally, there was a runway excursion here this morning involving an F16 attached to the Alabama Air National Guard. Witnesses said the aircraft appeared to be traveling too fast on landing at about 11 am, and just ran out of runway.Tom Patton conducted this night's interview, with Lindy Kirkman, President of the Air Care Alliance.All that... and MORE on Aero-TV... Live from Oshkosh!Copyright 2011, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.FMI:,,,,